Welcome to the CREATE (Coordination of resources for conditional expression of mutated mouse alleles) project.

The CREATE consortium represents a core of major European and international mouse database holders and research groups involved in conditional mutagenesis, primarily to develop a strategy for the integration and dissemination of Cre driver strains for modelling aspects of complex human diseases in the mouse.

Collectively the participants have amassed a significant number of these strains in their respective databases as shown below. Therefore one of the goals of CREATE is to provide a unified portal for worldwide access to these critical resources.

CREATE Partner Cre Recombinase Databases Current Lines Location
Cre-X-Mice - Canada
CreZOO - Greece
MGI recombinase - USA
CreERT2Zoo (will be integrated into CREATE) 53 France

Survey Result
The CREATE consortium has finished a Cre driver survey aiming at collecting requests and suggestions from the international mouse research community for new Cre lines.

We have now put together all your valuable suggestions in a result's page.

Thank you very much again for all your effort and time taking the survey.